A while ago, while doing a 30 Day video challenge on LinkedIn, I posted this video about my hand-drawn 100 No’s cheat Sheet.

Since then, the concept, along with all my other own-experience advice and tips about resilience has grown into something I call – The Game of No’s. Buy the Cheat Sheet and join the dedicated Facebook Group – where you’ll find daily inspiration and support from other business owners and entrepreneurs who are also working their way through their own “100 No’s”.

Unlike other “challenges” – this Game does not have a specific start and end date – because, well, life and business are not really like that either.

You can set your own start date, join the game whenever you like.

We also don’t focus on racking up NO’s arbitrarily – this is not a “notch on the belt” with no other purpose. The idea of the Cheat Sheet is to take a fairly unhappy experience ( being declined , rejected or refused ) and use that disappointment as a stepping stone towards your own definition of success.

Real deep seated emotional resilience doesn’t come from racking up meaningless NO’s. It comes from taking each “no” and transforming that negative energy into something that helps you to get up , and move forward regardless.

I hope that this helps you in your journey, and I am delighted that you’ve read far enough down this page to get here – I hope to meet you in the Facebook Group soon!