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Why did the chicken cross the road?

While I can’t claim to have invented this old joke – or its many iterations, I have added my own flavour to the tech project version that’s been flowing the interwebs for a few years. So, why did the chicken cross the road, team? THE BUSINESS ANALYST : I have twelve meetings today, I don’t […]

Free LinkedIn verification announced for US-based users

Stephs Take On The Tech News - Free Linkedin Verification Announced For Us-Based Users

LinkedIn’s Oscar Rodriguez (, VP of Product Development announced some new features for the platform, including LinkedIn Verification through the rollout of an ID-based verification for users of the business social network. ( Interestingly, the LinkedIn verification a standalone feature. The company has also chosen to make it free as opposed to other platforms like […]

Website Doom – the end of Year Edition

Late in November and into the first week of December, in between the deadlines for the magazine, I had a client site go belly up unexpectedly in the wee hours of the night. My conversation with the server and web browser went something like this with a strong coffee in hand: Browser: “There is no […]