Rocking Rose Technical Services

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What’s in our hosting?

We host on Amazon Web Services (AWS), selecting in the Sydney (and soon to be available Melbourne) regions for our Australian Clients.

All hosting and instance architecture is built around  your website or application requirements and design. And we custom build all the websites we host. 
We offer fully maintained and monitored packages, utilising server instance, CDN, DNS, Machine Learning, Load Balancers, and a range of Database services to bring your vision to life. 

All our packages are “done for you” to the extent you require, and are quoted individually. 

Packages start at $105 per month for our Basic WordPress Webmaster 100, and we can accommodate any requests that are suited to the suite of AWS services, and fall within best-practise guidelines.  

Contact us with a question, or book a discussion to chat about your hosting requirements. 

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Bespoke WordPress websites

We build customised wordpress websites. Designed to your specifications, and aligned with your brand and values. 
Working with our graphic design team, or yours,  we code a custom theme for you. 

Our sites are made to be easy for clients to manage their content. 

We use a range of best-in-class enterprise plugins, and will create custom plugins for any crazy features you dream up. 

Contact us to discuss how we can translate your vision and brand into a beautiful, robust website that perfectly encapsulates your values, and delights your clients. 

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Strategy & Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of technical consulting services, catering to both a fixed fee or per-hour basis. 

Whether you’re a startup founder in search of a technical co-founder, a scale up that needs an experienced executive to structure your burgeoning team, or an established business that needs a to implement or define a digital strategy, we can help. 

Our offering can provide dedicated part-time, or flexi-time resources who can work in your IT Department, or implement a specific project, provide analysis and strategy. 

We can assist your leaders in making strategic technology decisions with the best long term ROI and benefits. 

Call, or book some time to discuss your need, and we’ll package up a specific quote, tailored to your desired outcomes.