ecoporium by Ball & Doggett


Ball & Doggett

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Art Direction:

Zaidee Jackson, Ball & Doggett

Graphic Design:

Courtney Newman, Ball & Doggett

Project Description:

The ecoporium website for Ball & Doggett is a an educational resource and information forum driving commercial decisions for Ball & Doggett customers, supporting their sustainable outcomes.

Ball & Doggett are a trusted partner for brands as they journey to explore materials for their products and how this represents them through the lens of their consumers. The ecoporium website is the start of the conversation around sustainable packaging and serves as a resource, a meeting place, and a guide in finding alternative products with a detailed product index and links to the full Ball & Doggett Catalogue.

Featuring sleek and understated digital visualisations, interactive elements and a fully searchable product index, that collapse into a mobile responsive expandable table. User focussed navigation and a mobile-first UX for browsing the team of National Specialists finish off this custom designed and built statement piece for Australia’s largest media supplier to the commercial printing market.

overhead view of a pair of hands holding a mobile phone facing up with photoshopped image of the ecoporium website for Ball & Doggett mobile view of the about page. A cup of coffee and laptop are to the left
Ball & Doggett Luxury Brands displayed on the Boutique Packaging page.
Photo form APCO awards with Steph , and the Ball & Doggett Crew celebrating the win with the Trophy

Testimonial from Zaidee Jackson

This project would not have been possible without Rocking Rose. Undertaking a project like ecoporium by Ball & Doggett has been an extraordinary experience for our business.
Engaging with Stephanie Gaddin from Rocking Rose created the synergy we needed, and in partnership we brought the project to life.

With her professionalism, skillset, patience and passion for her business and clients, nothing was EVER too much.

Having an intimate understanding of our industry, along with her understanding the brief for execution, our expectations were managed and exceeded.

Stephanie was looking for new an innovative solutions to create unique and optimal functional experiences for users, Stephanie collaborated with us to deliver a product to market that we are all proud of.

Each detail was reviewed and fine tuned whilst managing a high volume of content being received in various timelines.Stephanie worked with us to ensure that what we signed off on was indeed the best version.We view Stephanie as one of our team, and remain grateful for her expertise and knowledge in bringing to life.

Her investment and passion for our project aligned our own; and with the objective to deliver a unique asset to the Australian packaging industry on behalf of Ball & Doggett.

Zaidee Jackson
National Business Development Manager Sustainable Packaging