What you need to know about BadRabbit malware (2018)

Stephs Take On The Tech News - What You Need To Know About Badrabbit Malware (2018)

Here’s what’s important to know about BadRabbit malware – if you’re a business owner BadRabbit is ransomware If infected,  your computer will be locked down , and you will be extorted to pay money (currently around $300 or equivalent in bitcoin). There are 2 ways that it spreads Primary infection on a network is via […]

DDOS : Distributed Denial of Service

Ddos Updated - Ddos : Distributed Denial Of Service

Once you have a website for your business, one of your worst nightmares becomes the fear that your website is down. Today’s post is a quick snapshot of one the nasties that could potentially bring your site down – and a couple of recommendations to mitigate and prevent the impact. So, lets talk about a […]