Something cool on the Netflix iPad app search

Whoo baby

I love me some Netflix ... Just wish that FOXTEL didn't have such a stranglehold on content here down under
Anyhow - I just discovered something very cool in the iPad app. Quite by accident really , and I thought you might find it useful too , no matter which restricted region of Netflix you happen to be watching.
Go to the search , and type in an actors name ...
Say , Nathan Fillion for example, from Firefly, Serenity and more recently Castle .
So this is the result in the search :
 Screen grab from netflix iPad app with Nathan Fillion in the search
And if you tap on his name , then you get this :
 Titles related to Nathan Fillion in the Netflix Library
Yes - that is all the shows headlining Nathan Fillion on the Aussie Netflix catalogue.
I've tried it with a bunch of other actors , as far as I can tell, this doesn't work on the Samsung App on my Samsung TV . It also only works for main cast , where the actor is headlining - for example searching Mark Sheppard only shows up Supernatural , where he plays Crowley, but Markie is also a cast member of Firefly, which does not show up in his list of titles.
But it is a very cool way to search for a show or movie where you know someone specific is in it, but the name eludes you ... It also confirms my suspicions that Castle is not in the Aussie Netflix store, sadly another show that foxtel feels obliged to fleece the Aussie public to watch.
And now I'm off to  watch a vintage Sci Fi Classic ... 🔭