The future is here as first 2 commercial Virgin Galactic Space Tourist flights are scheduled

Photo Of Flat Clay Model Of A Rocket Shooting Away From Earth Surrounded By Stars

Virgin Galactic recently announced the start of commercial spaceline operations. I’m going to call it the Virgin Galactic Space Tourist Program. The first commercial spaceflight, ‘Galactic 01’, carrying three crew members from the Italian Air Force and the National Research Council of Italy to conduct microgravity research, will fly between June 27 – June 30, […]

Why you need a password manager

Keyboard With Crumpled Sticky Notes Showing Old And New Passwords - Which Is A Security Risk And Why You Need A Password Manager

If you’re wondering why you need a Password Manager, even after notable and big name breaches and hacks that seem to make the news almost weekly; I’ve got you covered with a short explanation. And if you prefer to watch videos, scroll down and click play. What is a Password Manager ? It’s a tool […]